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Mr Blackwell TartBy bulletproofcocktailsWhat's better than having a coffee and a pastry? Having a booze filled cocktail that tastes like having a coffee and a pastry. Inspired by the classic Bakewell Tart flavour of Almond and Cherry.
Mr. Black’s Sundae Fun DayBy @westchula2017It's Sunday last day for fun day, back to business as usual come Monday. ("On a Sunday Afternoon", Lighter Shade of Brown) Take time to chill with a Mr. Black Sundae Fun Day. 🍨🍨
Smoke and StoneBy rauraidh555This is a cocktail that I feel makes coffee the hero, the other flavours are just there to amplify the coffee's flavours and round things out. Smoky and smooth with a hint of sweetness, even if you don't like whisky I would give this one a try!
The Start of Something BeautifulBy ppatricianEarthy. Dark. Bitter. Inspired by a prog rock song of the same name, this late-night sipper, while apparently simple, balances beautifully the intense plummy, bittersweet fruit with smooth, rich coffee, dry artichoke and a touch of nutty maraschino. Fresh citrus adds brightness and elevates the aromatic experience.
The Hemingway CaféBy Rohan RA variation on the classic Hemingway Daiquiri! At the risk of angering Hemingway purists, I created this cocktail with the hope that the famed author would enjoy this drink if Mr. Black was available during his time. This cocktail is an example of how a few slight changes can both compliment the established flavors and drastically change the taste of what you’re drinking. The addition of Mr. Black along with the egg white and coffee beans garnish transforms a tropical favorite into a decadent, almost desserty, coffee treat.
The Story Of Three BeansBy yura.brygidyrTruly a delightful sipper! Star of the show Mr. Black, brings robust spices and chocolate notes. The scotch adds smoke and maltiness, while the Luxardo Maraschino delivers cherry notes and the lemon zest makes for a bit of brightness. Besides, each ingredient highlights particular flavour profile of three types of beans that are roasted separately - light-medium roast (chocolate, toffee, fruity notes), Papua New Guinea roast (citrus) and Arabica (cold brew vibes). That’s where the cocktail name comes from. Enjoy it with friends and family next to the fireplace.
Coffee, Pilot?By tnaackeA simple variation on a classic aviation. Combining floral notes and the sweetness of cherries with the bitterness of coffee. The perfect drink for being above the clouds! Enjoy.
Black RoseBy alexmacdonald_844The Smell of flowers and coffee in the morning ,gave me the Idea for this cocktail .
Mr. Black Pour OverBy carterclint1This drink was inspired by my love for Ethiopian coffee pour overs. This origin of coffee is usually light and tea-like with bright fruit flavors. The light bodied VSOP cognac in combination with Mr. Black and a smidge of maraschino liqueur made for a tasty and boozy riff on Ethiopian coffee. The aromatics from the bitters and twists reminded me of the bright fruit aromas that I love in an Ethiopian pour over.