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Rum Coffee AlexanderBy koktailmeisterIt may be summer down here in 🐨land but it’s been cool and rainy ☔️ so it is the perfect opportunity to mix up some drinks with cream: 🥛 The Rum Coffee Alexander
Banana Bread Old FashionedBy drewcoteA long black and Banana toast is one of my favourite breakfasts, the perfect way to start my morning. At the base of the cocktail is a smooth aged rum complimented by Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Brookies Macadamia, a banana simple syrup and a few dashes of chocolate bitters to balance some of the sweetness of the other ingredients (Also who doesn't love chocolate chips in their banana bread?) Stirred down and served over a rock with banana chips and grated cinnamon to garnish. The resulting cocktail starts on the nose with sweetness from Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur and Brookies Mac. A decent hit of banana and a little bit of spice from the fresh cinnamon. Followed by a smooth pass of rum over the tongue with subtle nutty notes, and very present coffee flavour. We are left with some lingering sweetness and balancing bitter chocolate notes to finish off with the rum saying goodbye as it slides down the throat, making sure the drinker is aware that they are not to drive a car anytime soon. Cheers!