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Café LoompaBy mshintyEvery year my wife makes a liqueur during Lent, an old Breton recipe which combines coffee and orange in light rum. I have used that as inspiration for this recipe, adding cognac and orgeat for another layer of French flavours. Why Café Loompa? This seems the right drink for magical folk - it won't turn your skin orange and your hair green, but it will make your shift in the chocolate factory fly by!
Island Hi-LoBy mshintyMost days I am a morning coffee drinker, so I was drawn to the idea of bringing breakfast flavors into a recipe. The citrus brightness, the piquancy of pineapple, and the hint of cinnamon nicely complement the layered coffee intensity of Mr. Black and a shot of espresso. The Island Hi-Lo is the taste of morning, energizing and relaxing both, the perfect way to set your course for a great day.
Winter WanderlustBy @cocktails_nirvanaWinter vibes from Jamaica, India and Australia. Perfect drink for holidays. This is meant to bring humans closer to divinity. Bold flavors of Rum and Coffee mixes quite well with spices (includes ginger, cloves, cardamom, peppercorn, etc.. which all comprise what we call required ingredients for a Masala Chai), creaminess and sweetness of Somrus. I would consider this as an after dinner drink but there is nothing wrong in having it for breakfast or lunch. Feel free to try it as a replacement for eggnog a favorite drink for holidays.
Mr. Black’s DelightBy Maxim MooreA creamy, complex take on an espresso martini featuring Mr. Black and Amarula.