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Night SchoolBy jmlacourWhether working or teaching this after hours pick me up offers a subtle upfront sweetness followed by a kick of coffee and ginger spice on the finish as you wrap up a busy day
Midnight KissBy ckwelshSomething dark, sweet, and a little spicy.
DilemmaBy marcrothemundThe heat of the ginger and bold flavour of Mr Black pack a punch, but are mellowed by the soft, earthy notes of the reposado tequila and sweetened ever so slightly by the spiced rum and it's rich cocoa notes, in this easy sipping after dinner cocktail.
Ginger NoirBy Cocktail Queen of Mount TamborineMy Husband & Friends, Eddy & Laura were blown away with this unusual combo, as you sip you are graced with a hit of coffee, followed by a hint of ginger with a body of coconut, all round totally Delicious. I love this combination & I don't drink coffee......yipeeeeeeeee
Migraine MedsBy chadkreutzerInspired by the Penicillin, the Migraine Meds replaces the scotch with Mr. Black and mezcal, and ups the ante a little bit more by using ginger liqueur. If the caffeine doesn't cure your headache, at least you can sleep it off. (I wanted to call it the Excedrine because one of the active ingredients is caffeine, but since it is a brand name...)
The Autumn Wake UpBy alexmacdonald_844When it's cold and dark at night we need something dark and sweet to get us going for a nice evening out. This is the perfect drink with sweetness ,spice and lovely taste of Mr black coffee liqueur