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Black Buttered CrumbBy The Pedestrian PalateAll the best parts of a lazy breakfast of buttered crumb cake and a cup of coffee. Easy, decadent and delicious.
Savage Cinnamon CoffeeBy austina7fThis cocktail uses an ingredient that goes surprisingly well together apple and coffee. I add the fireball to add some more sweetness and the cinnamon flavour which I believe brings it all together!!
The Downtown DolceBy kurt.ciellAn indulgent cinnamon-coffee cocktail for those who want to enjoy an a boozy version of their favorite coffee shop drink.
Cafè Cherry ColaBy DamianLet's get fizzy and pop open a bottle of the good ol' days. Take a sip and enjoy an instant buzz of cherry, followed with some sweet cola vibes. Huh, what's that!? Bang. Cold Brew goodness in the credits. This cocktail was first created about 10 minutes ago in my backyard. Enjoy, with a cherry on top!