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Rum Barrel WinterBy charlieburris2Bringing together the vanilla and caramel notes of Demerara rum, the warming bitterness of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and Cynar, and the smoky, citrusy notes of falernum, the Rum Barrel Winter is a Negroni-style, tropical-tinged winter warmer that replenishes the soul.
Italian Flips into a CantinaBy lebsteinThis surprisingly bright cocktail, is light and refreshing. Orange Juice ingredient and the expression of the orange peel make this a surprising light any time drink.
Black & GoldBy HarleyElegant and Smokey with coffee notes, a slight bitterness and an added shimmer of gold.
The Start of Something BeautifulBy ppatricianEarthy. Dark. Bitter. Inspired by a prog rock song of the same name, this late-night sipper, while apparently simple, balances beautifully the intense plummy, bittersweet fruit with smooth, rich coffee, dry artichoke and a touch of nutty maraschino. Fresh citrus adds brightness and elevates the aromatic experience.
The Oak and HoldBy chrisshane3Very nice and sweet tequila with orange with nice under tones of coffee with slight earth tones from the Cynar! Good aromatics from the orange juice and the bitters with coffee notes and tequila.