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Smoke and StoneBy rauraidh555This is a cocktail that I feel makes coffee the hero, the other flavours are just there to amplify the coffee's flavours and round things out. Smoky and smooth with a hint of sweetness, even if you don't like whisky I would give this one a try!
The Black ForestBy @tipsynomadDesigned to put the Mr Black at the centre whilst using the flavours of a classic Black Forest Gateaux to accent its profile. Cherry Brandy brings lighter cherry notes while Balsazar Red Vermouth adds a deeper layer of natural red fruit flavours. The Amaro Montenegro herbal sweetness accentuates the chocolate flavours of the Mr Black while Courvoisier adds that archetypal boozy hit at the bottom of the gateaux. A maraschino cherry drenched in syrup is a must of a garnish and worth stirring with if you want to add a little extra sweetness. It’s an elegant dessert cocktail with simplicity and depth of flavour.
Mr. Black ForestBy greg_lankanAfter some cherry picking out in Benalla, my girlfriend and I made a scrumptious Black Forest Cake. But unfortunately (or fortunately for us), we had ended up with too much cherry syrup. Inspired by the cake we had just had and the Mr. Black Coffee Cocktail challenge, we set about making this cocktail.
Black Cherry BombBy iaincreevesInspired by a session of watching Steve's shot videos and the presence of a bottle of German Cherry Schnapps at the back of my drinks cupboard.