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Raspresso Martini 2.0By Dr CocktailThe Raspresso Martini 2.0 is a mix of coffee, raspberry liqueur and cinnamon syrup to give it a nice Christmas look and taste.
Black ForestBy slopescaleMe and Mr. Black baked up this delicious Black Forest cocktail based on the famous cake. It's sweet, decadent and a perfect desert when you are too full for cake or just thirsty for a sweet drink.
B, B, B & BBy kristianabudaBrandy...Benedictine...Mr.Black, oh my! This wonderful twist on a simple go-to classic enhances the way you enjoy a standard B&B. Have an excessive amounts of bitters? Toss ‘em in! Did you purchase too many berries in your last supermarket run? Cut ‘em up and use them as a garnish! As the saying goes, the more B’s, the better.