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CariocaínaBy DCocktailsThis cocktail is called Cariocaína, because is the fusion of an amburana-aged cachaca, a native from Rio de Janeiro (carioca) and cafeína (caffeine in portuguese). The core flavors are the amburana-aged cachaça (with black-cherry and spicy caraway notes), the banana liqueur (a french liqueur made with bananas from Brazil too, this gives the cocktail a more tropical taste), and finally, Mr-Black. The lime juice and simple syrup adjust the texture and acidity of the cocktail so everything works even better together. For garnish, a dried pineapple that smells so good together with the coffee liqueur.
Brazilian MidnightBy gcubeinvestWith the organic Agricole taste of Cachaça mixing with the bittersweet aroma of Coffee, this cocktail will indulge your taste buds and all the senses. Please enjoy the drink responsibly
Common GroundBy AmyMakesCocktailsThis recipe uses ingredients that all begin with 'C' and each compliment different facets of the rich flavour of coffee. It's bittersweet, with cachaca tang, and the pleasant surprise of a fusion of roasted, tropical, and herbal flavours.