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Señor MuerteBy jacisne1Inspired by the Mr. Bodi Hai combination of coffee with pineapple, this is a version of a pineapple margarita.
Gramercy SunsetBy MuhlhauserInspired by a cocktail I had in Manhattan one time, but elevated. Nice for after dinner, the tequila plays off of the Mr. Black perfectly, supported by the bitterness and sweetness of the other ingredients. Complex yet not too heavy.
Karen’s Christmas CarolBy elclassicoofficialImagine Karen singing Christmas carols at your doorstep, setting the holiday vibes.
Mr MargBy gchittleboroughThis simple cocktail collab is perfect on a summers afternoon. The Mr Black’s is the star of the show with the Tequila & lime providing a refreshing twist. Cheers!