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Atomic EspressoBy Lorenz T.This drink is on one hand inspired by the famous quote, that also inspired the Espresso Martini "Wake me up, and then f*** me up." and on the other hand by the Dude's legendary White Russian. This both calls for a simple drink - which this is not - so my recipe is to be understood as a fancy version. If you just want to have a relaxed drink with some friends you're of course welcome to simplify it, swap the purée for a bit more liqueur, the cream for milk, simply shake all the ingredients, do what you gotta do!
Mr. Black’s Sundae Fun DayBy @westchula2017It's Sunday last day for fun day, back to business as usual come Monday. ("On a Sunday Afternoon", Lighter Shade of Brown) Take time to chill with a Mr. Black Sundae Fun Day. 🍨🍨
Breakfast RumgroniBy tjcocktailclubI LOVE boozy bunch drinks. I wanted to make something Negroni-ish, but richer (hence the Demerara Dum) and with strong breakfasty vibes (coffee and fruit). That said, it works really well as a digestif. Salud!
CariocaínaBy DCocktailsThis cocktail is called Cariocaína, because is the fusion of an amburana-aged cachaca, a native from Rio de Janeiro (carioca) and cafeína (caffeine in portuguese). The core flavors are the amburana-aged cachaça (with black-cherry and spicy caraway notes), the banana liqueur (a french liqueur made with bananas from Brazil too, this gives the cocktail a more tropical taste), and finally, Mr-Black. The lime juice and simple syrup adjust the texture and acidity of the cocktail so everything works even better together. For garnish, a dried pineapple that smells so good together with the coffee liqueur.
Manifest DestinyBy nathan.blubaugh08The bold fruit and nut flavors of the liqueurs can be overpowering in a cocktail. Used both in moderation and combination creates a rich and aromatic mixture. Combined with the esters in the rum and you have the start to a tiki drink. But using Mr Black instead of a citrus plays off the earthy flavors of the drink slightly pushing the fruitiness to background.
Cafe ColadaBy DHIRAJ.RAJANI31Get relaxed, and invigorated at the beach all at the same time!
Imaginary ButtonsBy Suze Q“Can’t you see that I’m losing my marbles, it’s marvelous...” Indulge in the bliss of this banana Irish coffee, with cardamom and pistachio!
Wakey Wakey, Rise + ShineBy gabymlynarczykA Pearl Diver inspired "corpse reviver" for brekkie, featuring brown butter gardenia mix, a hint of absinthe and smoked salt.
Black deathBy terrile.massimilianoTo welcome the Christmas festivities a hot serve base on Mr. Black and cognac with a touch of absinthe and a warm background of banana
Spicy Mr. FosterBy doglasseA balanced spin on a classic old fashioned. Starts with spice, coffee and orange and finishes with caramelized banana. One of the smoothest old fashioneds I have ever had.
Espress YourselfBy christopherrhoden54An espresso martini, incorporating tropical flavors and fresh herbaceous smoke. Back up with dry notes of coffee, cocoa bitters, and real espresso.
Cap’n BlackBy badlittlecocktailsRich & silky with cereal notes from the blended scotch up front which evolves into coffee with subtle banana on the back palate. The flavor of coffee lingers on the back palate while notes of spiced citrus remain up front.
Oh My Oh My!By alexmacdonald_844This is a cocktail was just made of the cuff And Oh my oh my! It turned out so well 😋.coffee and banana yes please 😋
Ode to KaeBy tomsom98This drink is a tribute to one of my favourite people in the world, Kae Tempest. I’ve studied their work for several years now, and their words truly inspire me. The drink follows the model of a classic Old Fashioned; however, I have opted to use a different base spirit, to make reference to Kae’s former band: Sound of Rum.