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Gramercy SunsetBy MuhlhauserInspired by a cocktail I had in Manhattan one time, but elevated. Nice for after dinner, the tequila plays off of the Mr. Black perfectly, supported by the bitterness and sweetness of the other ingredients. Complex yet not too heavy.
Armchair SunshineBy AmyMakesCocktailsThis is a comfortingly sweet and silky drink, balanced by bitters and bittersweet coffee liqueur. The dark caramel and slight coconut notes of the black rum are deliciously rich companions for roasted coffee flavour, while apricot, vanilla, and the spices that come through from the bitters bring to mind spiced apricot pie or crumble. That combination of Jamaican rum and coffee-and-cake flavours is the inspiration for the name. A certain sunniness is also provided by the lemon juice and oils, brightening and adding another layer of aroma.