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Choco-latte FriaBy zerbstez23Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, the experience is a smooth, easy-to-sip nightcap that will invigorate the senses with fresh spices. The vanilla notes of an aged tequila and spice of a chili liqueur help bring out the natural chocolatey flavors of the coffee roasted for Mr. Black. Cheers!
Nightfall on the DesertBy jeremy.muirA warming after dinner drink, for cold nights in the desert when sunset comes early. This spirit forward cocktail brings the spice, with Ancho Reyes and Rittenhouse rye whisky to balance against the comforting coffee flavor of Mr Black. The Appleton Estate 12 year adds a little fruit and vanilla on the nose.
Spiced MochaBy rahul_bhagwatInspired by the Mexican mocha, this drink brings together the deep coffee flavors of Mr Black and caramel-molasses notes of Old Monk 7 (Indian rum) with chocolate, cinnamon and ancho chile. Surprisingly refreshing and harmonious inspite of all the big flavors, this is the ideal after dinner cocktail.
The Man Comes AroundBy mjtedesco23A decadent cocktail that will leave you wondering, who is the man that comes around to drink it?
AbuelitaBy Bryce B.A nice warming cocktail inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate
Brazilian MidnightBy gcubeinvestWith the organic Agricole taste of Cacha├ža mixing with the bittersweet aroma of Coffee, this cocktail will indulge your taste buds and all the senses. Please enjoy the drink responsibly
MayahuelBy ChysayehNamed after the Aztec goddess of agave, this perfectly balanced cocktail features a Mexican palate. Reposado tequila, chocolate, spicy ancho chili, nutmeg, and of course Mr. Black.
Modified Double “D”By doglasseThe original double "D" was a cocktail created for us on a cruise a few years back by 2 bartenders whose names started with D. The original included some rather unique and hard to find ingredients. The modified version is my attempt to recreate with more available ingredients, and the result is a wonderful balance between an espresso and a chocolate martini with just a hint of chili to tie the flavors together.
Cafe de CanelaBy rhcoe6This riff on a sour combines the bold flavors of cold brew coffee liqueur, with the barrel aged notes of a Reposado tequila, and a slight chile heat all balanced out with cinnamon simple syrup.