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Cafe JaliscoBy smcassedayA mixup of an espresso martini with tequila.
Easy Like Sunday MorningBy frank.delacruz310This is the cocktail equivalent of enjoying a shortbread cookie and a cafe au lait on a brisk autumn morning with the one you love.
The Black ForestBy @tipsynomadDesigned to put the Mr Black at the centre whilst using the flavours of a classic Black Forest Gateaux to accent its profile. Cherry Brandy brings lighter cherry notes while Balsazar Red Vermouth adds a deeper layer of natural red fruit flavours. The Amaro Montenegro herbal sweetness accentuates the chocolate flavours of the Mr Black while Courvoisier adds that archetypal boozy hit at the bottom of the gateaux. A maraschino cherry drenched in syrup is a must of a garnish and worth stirring with if you want to add a little extra sweetness. It’s an elegant dessert cocktail with simplicity and depth of flavour.
Koh I NoirBy scottishmixologyAn outstanding mix (if I do say so myself) leveraging Indian single malt whisky, the delectable Mr Black Amaro, curry leaf infused amaro and a spicy and tropical spin on falernum using a numbing Nepalese peppercorn.
A Morning in MontenegroBy VonimageryIt is a bitter sweet, coffee forward cocktail. With flavors such as caramel, chocolate and herbal spices. It's easy to drink, yet you can't help but feel a little sophisticated while you do it.
Dark RomanceBy hschumacherMr. Black's coffee notes come through wonderfully and linger. Demerara syrup rounds out the edges and makes for a very smooth late afternoon into evening cocktail. The herbal notes from Amaro Montenegro play wonderfully with both Mr. Black & the Caribbean rum, making for a velvety smooth sipper leading into a great night out.
Example Recipe – Cafe BoulevardierBy Steve the BartenderA couple of simple substitutions on the classic Boulevardier results in a softer, sweeter drink with less dominant bitter notes. The Amaro Montenegro definitely softens the bitterness whilst Mr Black Coffee Liqueur brings rich coffee flavours. Enjoy up or on the rocks with a large twist of orange.