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Mr. Black, Meet the Little Green DragonBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me outside, sitting around a fire pit, toasting marshmallows on a cold December night. You will feel warm from the inside out with this drink!
The Story Of Three BeansBy yura.brygidyrTruly a delightful sipper! Star of the show Mr. Black, brings robust spices and chocolate notes. The scotch adds smoke and maltiness, while the Luxardo Maraschino delivers cherry notes and the lemon zest makes for a bit of brightness. Besides, each ingredient highlights particular flavour profile of three types of beans that are roasted separately - light-medium roast (chocolate, toffee, fruity notes), Papua New Guinea roast (citrus) and Arabica (cold brew vibes). That’s where the cocktail name comes from. Enjoy it with friends and family next to the fireplace.
First ChairBy geoff.finneganInspired by Concerto Italian liqueur. This digestif-inspired cocktail features notes of coffee, cocoa, licorice and black walnuts. A perfect drink with or for dessert.
Wakey Wakey, Rise + ShineBy gabymlynarczykA Pearl Diver inspired "corpse reviver" for brekkie, featuring brown butter gardenia mix, a hint of absinthe and smoked salt.
Black deathBy terrile.massimilianoTo welcome the Christmas festivities a hot serve base on Mr. Black and cognac with a touch of absinthe and a warm background of banana