Cafe JaliscoBy smcassedayA mixup of an espresso martini with tequila.
The Mexican CovfefeBy brennanickThis was born out of my love for coffee and my love for the Macho Manhattan that The Educated Barfly featured last April. That recipe brought Licor 43 back into my life and I felt that it would pair extremely well with Mr. Black. I happened to have a bottle of a very affordable añejo tequila on hand that I felt would be better used in a cocktail than sipped. Once I added in the Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters, I felt like I had a winner and decided to poke fun at the sitting U.S. president with my naming.
Choco-latte FriaBy zerbstez23Inspired by Mexican hot chocolate, the experience is a smooth, easy-to-sip nightcap that will invigorate the senses with fresh spices. The vanilla notes of an aged tequila and spice of a chili liqueur help bring out the natural chocolatey flavors of the coffee roasted for Mr. Black. Cheers!
Caffe del OllaBy blindtomInspired by the Mexican coffee of the same name a spiced coffee cocktail using Mexico's famous agave spirits.
Señor NoirBy gfoley16Combining some of the highest quality spirits from Mexico and France Mr. Black brings this well rounded boozy cocktail together think Manhattan meets Sidecar meets old fashioned
Spatial AwarenessBy carterclint1I’ve always loved the structure of a Sazerac. It’s one of the few drinks that are traditionally served in a chilled old-fashioned glass without ice, giving the drink more of a spatial experience. This is my inspiration for this cocktail, which has agave notes from a lightly smoky mezcal, bittersweet flavors from coffee liqueur and amaro, and bright citrus from orange bitters and expressed orange peel. The drink has light smoky aroma both from the mezcal and a smoked earl grey and rye tincture.
Smokey Joe.By sheadmyers1A smoky island blend that pairs pineapple and almond flavors that highlight the rich and savory brewed liquor that is Mr. Black.
Smoky SunsetBy SharonCohenCooksThis boozy drink puts me in front of a fire pit as the sun sets on a crisp Winter's day.
Señor MuerteBy jacisne1Inspired by the Mr. Bodi Hai combination of coffee with pineapple, this is a version of a pineapple margarita.
If You Know, You KnowBy swallace160If you’re in love with Falernum syrup that has a robust coffee kick, you’re going to love this! It’s a deliciously drinkable tiki cocktail with character and joy! With Falernum syrup being a staple of many tiki cocktail drinks, this cocktail recreates it’s spicy, zesty and tart combinations with the toffee and baking spices from the rum, the citrus notes from the lime juice, and the fruity sweetness of the gooseberry syrup. When you add the smoky earthiness of the mezcal, it blends together to enhance the bold coffee flavor of Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liquor. Since Australia, Mexico and Jamaica are home to multiple species of parrots and are the origins of the spirits used, the Parrot Tiki Mug was only fitting as a tribute. Cheers!
Italian Flips into a CantinaBy lebsteinThis surprisingly bright cocktail, is light and refreshing. Orange Juice ingredient and the expression of the orange peel make this a surprising light any time drink.
Black & GoldBy HarleyElegant and Smokey with coffee notes, a slight bitterness and an added shimmer of gold.
Black-Laced MezcalBy stacymann1A smooth and creamy cocktail laced with Mr. Black cold brew coffee liqueur with an initial note of green chartreuse that awakens the chocolate coffee combination.
AbuelitaBy Bryce B.A nice warming cocktail inspired by Mexican Hot Chocolate
Gramercy SunsetBy MuhlhauserInspired by a cocktail I had in Manhattan one time, but elevated. Nice for after dinner, the tequila plays off of the Mr. Black perfectly, supported by the bitterness and sweetness of the other ingredients. Complex yet not too heavy.
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