CigarBy jinoch.m_1CIGAR Strong, bold, complex, smokey with notes of chocolate. Just like my favorite cigar Santana Premium XO. 85% dark chocolate rim on the glass. Glass was smoked with cherry wood smoke. CHEERS!
A Pine Day for CoffeeBy aundrerA tropical, easy summer drinking cocktail with a coffee twist. How pine is this one?
InkyBy ali.glodenisWell who doesn't like Espresso Martinis? Mostly everybody is passionate about it, aroma, flavours, balance....just love it. Same for me, but I never tried it with cold-brewed coffee liqueur! That means we have job to do. Creating this cocktail recepie, I wanted to make a twist of Espresso Martini & I did. The biggest part of this cocktail is, that I dont use espresso to mix this cocktail. I made a coffee syrup from Jags Head coffee(Bourbon, medium roast) and combined it with salted caramel. A great creamy, sweet citrus coffee syrup, with light kick if salted caramel. Love it. (But if you dont want to cook it, its fine just to pour a coffee syrup and salted caramel syrup to mix this cocktail.) And it fits perfectly with Mr Black cold-brewed coffee liqueur, the bitternes of espresso and touch of vanilla, combines with coffee&salted caramel syrup. 😻 And the base spirit(Mr Black of course,but some extra ABV should do just fine. Is Rum! I picked Ron Colon Salvadore coffee infused 81 proof rum. Coffee rum(chocolate, coffee) + Mr Black(Bitter,dry, vanilla) + coffee&salted caramel syrup = Inky!✔️ Inky, a modern twist of Espresso Martini. Moslty, all the aromas and taste notes I described here, all the rest is to mix it up and enjoy. 😇 Priekā. 🍸💥🍸
The Cold SmoulderBy Tim PrestonA deliciously smooth, decadent drink with a smokey complexity. Spice notes work super well with the coffee in this drink, with a subtle smoke flavour underneath.
Shriveled Old Bastard (S.O.B)By jscottkleinInspired by the Trinidad Sour, this cocktail is like that old uncle many of us have. Bitter, spicy and little sweet if you give him a chance. The ample Angostura, Coffee, lemon juice, and high proof Smith & Cross Rum is balanced by a Golden Raisin Spiced Syrup.
Coffee House PunchBy tdbrantRooted in historic punch style but updated with Mr. Black to keep the party going.
Arabica PunchBy tdbrantA winter sipper with a variety of warming spice notes.
Atomic EspressoBy Lorenz T.This drink is on one hand inspired by the famous quote, that also inspired the Espresso Martini "Wake me up, and then f*** me up." and on the other hand by the Dude's legendary White Russian. This both calls for a simple drink - which this is not - so my recipe is to be understood as a fancy version. If you just want to have a relaxed drink with some friends you're of course welcome to simplify it, swap the purée for a bit more liqueur, the cream for milk, simply shake all the ingredients, do what you gotta do!
Laugh Like YouBy Twig CapraInspired by the dual perspectives of “I’m Sorry” by Joyner Lucas, my love for the bittersweet and basic Espresso Martini and a near masochistic obsession with flip cocktails, the ‘Laugh Like You’ is a decadent cocktail that opens with the scent of fresh espresso, contains notes of butter, coconut, and vanilla and finishes with a slightly dry nuttiness.
Big Black BarrelBy Nathan R.Today’s cocktail is a big, dark tiki rum barrel riff. I find myself really enjoying the complexity that can be added to a tiki drink by using bitter and herbal flavors. Some of my favorite neo-tiki drinks are ones that utilize amari and other non-traditional elements. The interplay here between the molasses, the juices and the bitter element of the coffee liqueur and Fernet creates a bold, layered adventure.
Last CallBy carterclint1Well, we’re at the last week of this competition. With that said, this is my “last call” cocktail, hence the name. This drink is based off of my love for Americolas (an iced coffee drink comprised of espresso and Mexican coke). I tried to recapture the flavor profile of an Americola with Ramazzotti (an amaro with cola notes), Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur, and freshly pulled espresso. I also added a splash of Puerto Rican rum and a couple dashes of Angostura to give the drink a boozy kick and spice notes. What results is a bittersweet libation that anyone would be happy to have as their last drink before heading home.
Nightfall on the DesertBy jeremy.muirA warming after dinner drink, for cold nights in the desert when sunset comes early. This spirit forward cocktail brings the spice, with Ancho Reyes and Rittenhouse rye whisky to balance against the comforting coffee flavor of Mr Black. The Appleton Estate 12 year adds a little fruit and vanilla on the nose.
Rum Barrel WinterBy charlieburris2Bringing together the vanilla and caramel notes of Demerara rum, the warming bitterness of Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur and Cynar, and the smoky, citrusy notes of falernum, the Rum Barrel Winter is a Negroni-style, tropical-tinged winter warmer that replenishes the soul.
Café LoompaBy mshintyEvery year my wife makes a liqueur during Lent, an old Breton recipe which combines coffee and orange in light rum. I have used that as inspiration for this recipe, adding cognac and orgeat for another layer of French flavours. Why Café Loompa? This seems the right drink for magical folk - it won't turn your skin orange and your hair green, but it will make your shift in the chocolate factory fly by!
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