The DonBy jacopo.montisThe best way to enjoy a coffee has always been the "espresso" way: so simple yet so tasty. Using Australian native ingredients to recreate a simple yet tasty twist on a classic Old Fashioned.
Razzo RossoBy SahanA wonderful afternoon cocktail, the Razzo Rosso evolves from bitter berries with a spark of lime to a dark, coffee finish. Named for it's vibrant red colour, caffeine kick, and Aperol's Italian roots, the Red Rocket promises that fresh, bright boost we all need at lunch.
Mr Blackwell TartBy bulletproofcocktailsWhat's better than having a coffee and a pastry? Having a booze filled cocktail that tastes like having a coffee and a pastry. Inspired by the classic Bakewell Tart flavour of Almond and Cherry.
Grand StargazerBy @westchula2017Mr. Black lives in Australia the best place on Earth to stargaze. The bubbles in this Grand Stargazer cocktail sparkle like the bright stars in the black night. Keep looking up, up into the sky for our future is bright! Saludcita to 2021!
Black ColaBy Sean Drinks At HomeThis is a red-can soda lover’s cocktail. I have a friend that does not drink anything but a vodka with cola and this was inspired by his palette. Using Ramazzotti for the kola nut flavors and the Mr. Black kept the caffeine present. The orange garnish at the end and the touch of Italicus keep it fresh. Lightly carbonated and not overly boozy-tasting, this one will surely please most.
The Mr Black Flat WhiteBy Sean Tiernan (The Drumming Barista)Being a full-time barista at Flight Coffee here in Wellington, New Zealand I am prone to ending many a day with a boozy coffee number. This is where The Mr Black Flat White was born. In saying that, coffee is and should always be at the forefront of every barista in an espresso beverage or a coffee cocktail. Mr Black is perfect for this take on a traditional coffee flip as the wonderfully big and bold caramel, almond and mixed berry flavour notes from the coffee liqueur shine through. Paired with a deep chocolatey cold brew coffee and a hit of Cointreau set this up to be the ultimate after work flat white you have been longing for.
The Asphalt MixerBy evil_munterThe Asphalt Mixer - A cynical person would think that this is just for a laugh after watching Steve do a Cement Mixer shot, and the name is a lazy play on words about black cement... And they'd be right! Lucky last week, so if this gets voted up and both Steve and Kat do a shot, the voucher can get put towards getting the team a clear ice maker
Blackest ForestBy jwowheadBlending the traditional trifecta of coffee, chocolate and cherries, this cocktail will make you believe you have just taken a bite of the most decadent black forest cake you have ever tried.
Mr. Black’s Sundae Fun DayBy @westchula2017It's Sunday last day for fun day, back to business as usual come Monday. ("On a Sunday Afternoon", Lighter Shade of Brown) Take time to chill with a Mr. Black Sundae Fun Day. 🍨🍨
Mr Black’s After-Dinner MintBy kaz74pCreamy, chocolaty, minty and coffee goodness all rolled into one. This three-in-one cocktail allows you to have your dessert with your coffee and after-dinner mint.
Clarified Mr Black MochachinoBy its.angry.aussieA coffee cocktail for people who aren't actually coffee lovers. Using milk clarification to soften the impact of the coffee flavour while retaining the character of Mr Black and the other ingredients.
Coffeehouse LaureateBy Larix_laricinaNamed after the tradition of giving the Poet Laureate a barrel of sherry, this sessionable cocktail combines crisp, dry Fino sherry with bittersweet coffee and floral caramel for a delightful and light sipper. The warm coffee roast notes highlight the almond and pastry of the sherry. The roasted floral flavor of the Meletti bolsters the floral notes in the Mr Black, and the lemon and soda provide further brightness and effervescence. Specifically, this transports me to Seattle, walking through Pike Place Market with a croissants aux amandes and espresso.
Mr. Black is BackBy Justin HoughBack from vacation, Mr. Black relaxes by the fireside with a lot of Mr. Black and a balance of chocolate and cream with a just a touch of orange.
Mr. Black, Meet the Little Green DragonBy SharonCohenCooksThis cocktail brings me outside, sitting around a fire pit, toasting marshmallows on a cold December night. You will feel warm from the inside out with this drink!
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