Dutch ColonialBy tlemakeRecipe built from prized flavors of the maritime trading empire of the colonial Netherlands. This tiki-inflected drink is sweet and malty at first with black coffee and nutmeg right behind, then bright citrus follows before a roasted, spicy finish all mellowed by cool coconut. The cocktail features Genever (made in former colony New York), coffee and nutmeg of Indonesia, Curacao oranges, Malaysian coconut, Indian black pepper, Ghanaian chocolate and South American brown sugar. All these coveted goods and fortified colonies made the Netherlands the greatest power in Europe for a century by way of the Dutch East and West India Companies. Marvel at how the drink vaguely resembles the flag of the Netherlands! Contemplate the fleeting spoils of empire and the inevitable disintegration of global commercial and military power with the bitter-sweet burn of this bold dessert drink! Sail forth O conqueror!
Terry’s NegroniBy mjm6783If anyone has ever had a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange, then you will understand the flavor profile I was shooting for. In my original specs I was trying to create a Negroni where I switched out the sweet vermouth for a blend of Amari and liqueurs. It was very sweet, but I was struck by how the coffee flavor of Mr. Black tasted almost like dark chocolate when mixed with the Bitter of Campari and CioCiaro.
And The Beet Goes OnBy yura.brygidyrThis cocktail represents both my Ukrainian roots living in the United States and the Australians love of beets. Growing up eating homemade Borscht (a traditional beet soup), I knew beets were more than just a vegetable. I’m always searching for ways to incorporate it into my cocktails. Recently I discovered that in Australia, this root has a special place on the dining table. Instantly, this recipe was created. The robust coffee and spice notes of Mr. Black works perfectly with the earthiness and juiciness of the beets. Whereas the Aviation Western-style Gin brings cardamom and coriander notes into the mix. The lemon juice brightens up the beet juice and the pure maple coats it up with a rich flavor. And last, but not least, the egg white shines as a velvet frothy-like texture. Please enjoy, Cheers!
Pine GapBy SharonCohenCooksA amicable tete a tete of strong flavors that end up harmonious in the glass
Bright FutureBy Ian HosackFloral, bright, bitter, and honeyed in taste, this is a coffee cocktail built on a rich lavender syrup and balanced with Mr. Black Coffee Liqueur, espresso, herbal gin and brightened up further with a dry curaçao. This is delicate and floral, while still give you the joy and handful of a nice clean brunch cold brew coffee.
A Spiced Nod to NogBy carterclint1A light version of egg nog, with spice notes from chai-infused gin and cardamom bitters, nuttiness from amontillado sherry and black walnut bitters, and a sweet roundness from Mr. Black and Demerara syrup. Everything is brightened with freshly grated nutmeg, orange bitters, and expressed orange peel oil.
Espresso NegroniBy nwbergstedtA rich, robust dessert cocktail that preserves the legacy of the Negroni while treating the drinker to a roasted caffeinated buzz.
The Start of Something BeautifulBy ppatricianEarthy. Dark. Bitter. Inspired by a prog rock song of the same name, this late-night sipper, while apparently simple, balances beautifully the intense plummy, bittersweet fruit with smooth, rich coffee, dry artichoke and a touch of nutty maraschino. Fresh citrus adds brightness and elevates the aromatic experience.
Her MajestyBy 93PROOF_VICDeep herbal and citrus notes,, with the right amount of sweet. Why not get a little fancy with this Gin based coffee cocktail?
Dirty ChaicapBy carterclint1A dirty chai in nightcap form. Spices from the chai infused gin and amaro complement the Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur. All of the ingredients get a little boozy boost from VSOP cognac.
Mr. Black’s FizzBy jlaird1212A twist on the classic Gin Fizz. Hints of coffee, grapefruit and legendary smooth, citrusy love. This is a good one.
Sienna MoonBy mattbevA calming, soothing adventure through old Mexican chocolate Martini town.
Southern Cross SunriseBy repele.andreaThe ideal sunrise is when you join coffee with nice balanced herbal notes. The gin-scotch combo is perfectly paired with Mr Black, and this newly formed cocktail will hug your mouth until new energies will run through your body. Enjoy!
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