Mr Black & Steve the Bartender…

..have joined forces to bring you the Coffee Cocktail Challenge!

We challenge you to create the best original cocktail featuring Mr Black Coffee Liqueur.

3 weekly finalists will be selected based on public votes (which you can also take part of on the website). Steve the Bartender will then recreate the 3 weekly finalists’ cocktails and select a winner based on taste, presentation, originality and creativity of each drink. Each week the 3 finalists will be featured on the Steve the Bartender YouTube channel.

After the 8 weeks the 8 winners will then be taste tested by the Mr Black Coffee Cocktails Judging Panel in which the Grand Prize winner will be selected – again based on taste, presentation, originality and creativity.

Coffee Cocktail Challenge

About Mr Black

Mr Black Roasters & Distillers was founded in 2013 by awarded-distiller Philip Moore and designer-turned-coffee-snob Tom Baker. The two shared a common belief that coffee (when done well) is delicious, drinking is a lot of fun and we should put those two things together more often.

In Australia, coffee is more than a flavour. It’s a culture: a ritual, obsession, aesthetic, experience and community. Mr Black embodies that culture and inspires people to take their love of coffee into their evening drinks.

It’s Mr Black’s mission to make people care as much about coffee liqueur as they do about their morning coffee. By sourcing ethically and producing with integrity, they lift the value of coffee, improve communities, and make better drinks along the way.

Espresso Martini Party

About Steve the Bartender

After working for years as a bartender and then owning a mobile bartending business, it was a natural evolution for Steve to take his skills online, and share them with a global audience. Steve has a passion for sharing recipes that are easy to recreate at home with basic cocktail
making techniques, and without the extravagant ingredient list.

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